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For all your tracking needs which works with any GPS tracker in the world

About Business Model

Revolt Track is leading the telematics world and helps to start your own GPS Tracking Business with innovative white label software. Becoming a Revolt Track partner that means together we can achieve great things. Our approach is to provide high quality services with consistency, effectiveness and professionalism.

Benefits of being with Us

Expand your product or service offering and Boost-up your bottom line with our complete solution like vehicle fleet management software, consignment tracking software, school bus management software and task management software. On our behalf, we will provide you complete training according to your customer's needs around GPS tracker devices and custom-built solutions.

Business Model



Become a Revolt Track partner and establish your brand with our system. We provide you with whatever you want to start a business with the latest GPS tracking technology.

  • Become a Certified Partner of Revolt Track
  • We offer Wholesale Price
  • High Quality Software
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • Monthly based pricing policy

White Label

We provide the Visual Customisation facility to create our software with your brand or logo. We can develop our software that perfectly suits your corporate identity.

  • White Label Branding
  • Logo or Brand with Your Name
  • Open for Customisation
  • Full Support
  • Entry fee + Connection fee (Per Tracking Unit)

Comparison of Models

Heading Distribution White Label
Unlimited Features
Logo / Brand
Customized app design
Technical support
Marketing stories
Search Engine Optimization
Customized features
System updates

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