Revolt Track Management Software

For all your tracking needs which works with any GPS tracker in the world

About Revolt Track

Revolt Track is an advanced fleet management software. It is flexible to work with any GPS devices or trackers and can trace any types of fleet vehicles like car, truck, bus, bike, etc. It is useful and intelligent vehicle tracking and maintenance software which is designed for all types of fleet industries like small, big, private or commercial. The GPS vehicle tracking system is useful for fleet maintenance, driver behaviour monitoring, improving vehicle efficiency, theft prevention, and more. It also offers features like on-time alert, multiple reports and charts with 24/7 reliable technical support.



Fleet Management

A solution for all your fleet management problems. Get management, monitoring and maintenance all at one location with analysed fleet data.


Driving Behaviour Monitoring

Controlling driving behaviour can decrease fleet damage and expense. So, here manage driver and his behaviour in fleet.


Fleet Safety and Security

Ensuring safety is one of the largest challenges in fleet management. So, get what you need for fleet and driver security.


Mark Your Geofence/POI

Create virtual boundary or point for any important place for future use. It can help you know when the fleet enters or exits the place.

RPM Monitoring

Monitor the operation speed of fleet in given time. It helps to know the performance of fleet.

Manage Your Inventory

Easily manage all your devices with inventory management. It enables to manage selling, purchasing and returning data on the same platform.

Easy Payment Module

User can make payment to their parent user. The module provides options for billing, invoice and downloading payment reports.

Efficient Fleet Data Collection

Through API developers will be able to integrate with third party or internal systems. Client can get their data from the server with push and pull method.

Classify Your Trip

Enables classification of trip into 4 different categories which are business, classified, unclassified and invalid. Know the trip type, duration and distance in the trip classification report.

Ready to optimize your fleet business ?

trakzee app

Revolt Track App

To provide more convenience to the Fleet Managers, Revolt Track is freely available as a mobile App on both Android and iOS platforms. The core functions of the system are available in the application allowing the users to get all the necessary data on their smartphones just in few touches.

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