School Bus Management Software

Ensure safety of your student with SmartBus.

About Smart Bus

Priority of every school management is to provide better safety and security to the student while they are commuting from school to home and home to school. For this reason, it is important for schools to invest in a sound and secure transport management system. SmartBus, the best school bus tracking software which is divided into three parts: Parents, Driver and School Management. It also works as a school bus management system where student safety is our main concern. Alert notification is available where you can easily manage all the activities related to scheduling, rescheduling, managing routes and pick up & drop location.



Parent App

An accurate notification system helps to keep updated with Child traveling in School bus. Parents can track exact location of bus which removes their waiting time at the pickup-drop point. Apart from this, it also tracks until the bus reaches to school after picking their child.


Manager App & Web

This app is designed in a way to reduce all hurdles of School Manager to manage trips, buses and students. It helps from creating trips to analysing of trips for all buses. It also recognize missed points, unauthorized stoppages and delay in completed trips.


Driver App

A driver is the person responsible for the safety of all students in the school bus. So, we can minimize the workload to maintain the records like attendance reports, trip management, traffic measurement etc with this app. And focus on student safety first.


Get DTC Status

Smartbus stores the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) in its memory that enables users to see all the faults in the system and also helps to identify the root cause of failure.

Upgrade Student’s Data

When the student is promoted to the next class, easily upgrade his/her data on the platform. So, parents will not have to create new account when the child is promoted to a new class.

Unplanned Bus Usage Summary

Get the report of all the unplanned usage of the school bus. This helps in knowing if any unauthorised trips are taken.

Allocate Points Of Student

School management can add new pickup and drop points of students. This will help the driver to know the exact location of student’s points.

Rag Score Of Driving Behaviour

Easily calculate the score of your driver according to his performance. Thus, it helps to understand and improve the driving behaviour.

School Holidays

Add the school holidays on the platform. The trip of the school bus will be reported as unscheduled on the holiday. Moreover, parents will not receive alerts like arrival or departure on this day.

Ready to optimize your school bus activity?

SmartBus App

User-friendly apps that help parents, manager and driver to efficiently manage the activities in the bus according to their requirement. This is useful, as it ensures student safety and at the same time has full control on the school bus. Parent and Manager apps are available in both Google store and App Store. Get the Driver App from Google Store.

Driver App

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